How to edit the interactive map

  1. Use the access link sent to you via email.

  2. Click on the edit button.
    edit button1

  3. Drag and drop a placemark in the correct location.

  4. Now double click the placemark and a description box will appear, insert the title, a brief descrition and change the icon by clicking on it and selecting from the list. Eventually a link to a more in-depth article will be added to the description. 

  5. Click OK and the placemark will be added to the map. 

  6. When you are finished click done (where the edit button was).

Custom icons

Not all icons may be suitable, click icon and copy link from address bar. If you need an icon then ask for the icon to be hosted here, do not use icons that are hosted elsewhere.

Power | Credits – Link
dam windturbine splice solarenergy powersubstation powerplant poweroutage powerlinepole outlet2 no-nuke-export linedown geothermal-site

Military | Credits – Link
jetfighter missile-2 radar submarine-2 air_fixwing aircraftcarrier army battleship-3 bomber-2 bunker-2-2 channelchange freqchg jeep


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